#1 SEO Mistakes: Focus Solely on Technical SEO

This is one of the biggest reasons why on-line retailers and merchants get frustrated with SEO and stop optimizing.

While you should spend 10 percent of your time on doing things that will result in 90 percent of your success in SEO, technical SEO is time intensive and accounts for maybe 10 percent of your ecommerce success.

For instance, with platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc., technical SEO is usually good right out of the box. What happens is on-line retailers spend thousands upon thousands on technical audits, site-map optimization, on-page optimization, and more, only to find out the needle has barely moved and, quite possibly even worse, that their rankings have actually gone down. Then, when they ask why doing SEO didn’t help them, I usually find their back-link profile to look something like this:

  • Links are one of the two most important Google ranking factors.
  • If you don’t have any high-quality links pointing back to your site, it will be really tough to rank on Page 1 of Google because Google won’t view your site as relevant, authoritative, and trustworthy.
  • In ecommerce, you’ll find greater opportunities and win greater organic search visibility by focusing on creating and promoting content to build high-quality links, rather than technical SEO.

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