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ROR Sitemaps

As you probably know, sitemaps are important for making sure your site can be completely spidered and indexed by the search engines. Unfortunately, many of these sitemaps are specific to one search engine or another. For this reason, there have been a number of Google and Yahoo site map generators produced in recent years.
However, there is an alternative that is even more exciting. These are ROR sitemaps and they are readable by all search engines, not just by Google or Yahoo.

ROR is an exciting new sitemap tool that uses XML feeds to describe your website. These sitemaps are structured feeds that enable search engines to complement text search with structured information to better interpret the meaning of your site. With a ROR sitemap, search engines can better understand your products, services, images, newsletters, articles, podcasts, and anything else that you want to describe.

For example, if you are selling products, a ROR file enables you to document your product names, descriptions, prices, images, availability, affilíate programs, and any other relevant information. Search engine crawlers like the Googlebot have an enormous job to do. It’s time we start helping them to better understand our content.

Creating a YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube Channel for your website and embed interesting videos into your website. Using the right keywords and building authority is made easier by managing an active channel that provides relevant information to your audiences. This also opens a new avenue of showcasing your offerings in a creative way to a wider audience. The links of YouTube can be directed back to your pages and vice versa, hereby building trust, loyalty, authority and respect for your website and your brand on the whole.

Your SEO services provider can also incorporate techniques in social media marketing to help increase page views and website conversion rates by leveraging video sharing websites and other platforms. Behind Google, YoutTube acts as the second largest search engine providing significant traction to businesses that are able to achieve high rankings here.

By innovatively integrated external tools into your web pages, you can reach out to a wider audience, engage with existing and potential customers and improve conversion rates. Soon, your website will be performing a lot better than all your competition.

Translating Your Website Into Other Languages

Are you marketing in just one language? If so, you are missing out on 64.8% of your marketing potential. This is because 64.8% of the world is surfing the internet in a language other than English. By becoming a multilingual marketer, you immediately open up a stream of new markets. Google alone crawls web pages in 35 different languages.

One of the best ways to attract worldwide traffíc is to translate your site and register it with both English and foreign-language search engines and directories. If you are a seasoned SEO, you’ll be happy to hear that the competition in foreign search engines is much less than in those of the United States.

In addition, on-line foreign language markets are currently growing at a much faster rate than English speaking markets.

You have the opportunity to tap into this market while it’s in an exponential growth phase.

Articles that Link to Your Sitemap

As you probably know, syndicating articles is one of the best methods for obtaining one-way backlinks.

They are also valuable pieces of search engine bait because search engine crawlers are frequent visitors to many high-profile article directories. If you want to get the spiders quickly crawling your site, simply submit an informative article to a site like EzineArticles, GoArticles, or Isnare.

However, there’s another article marketing strategy that isn’t mentioned much in marketing circles. This tactic can get the crawlers searching deeper into your site and indexing more of your pages. Simply link to your sitemap within the resource box. This will send the spiders straight to a content buffet where they can quickly slurp up all of your pages.

Bing’s New SEO Tags

Bing is finally rewarding you for all your hard work. Starting today, new Bing SEO tags let you tell Bing exactly where your page should rank. Easy as that.

The new SEO tags cut out the middleman and let you insert a couple of tags into your page code that direct Bing as to where to place you on results pages. There are two new tags, “set to position” and “must be before.”

<link rel=”SEO” query=”weather” set_to_position=”2″ />

<link rel=”SEO” must_be_before=”*.mycompetitor.com/*” />

Now you can make sure that your page always ranks on spot ahead of your competitor’s page. It’s so easy!

Along the way, some SEOs abused the systems to try to game the results. Back and forth for years, the engines and so-called “black hat” SEOs have waged a behind-the-scenes battle to position content on the Search Results pages. It’s pretty easy for the engine to win this battle in the long run, though, as we own the pages.

As time has progressed, we’ve been able to tackle spamming issues at many levels. In most cases today, most websites follow the known best practices and simply do the right thing. They’re too busy running a business to try trickery to rank better, trusting we will sort the rankings properly. And now it’s time to reward that trust and your hard work.

For a year, you’ll only be able to use one “must_be_before” tag, so choose wisely. Bing says that next April 1st, they’ll give you 50!

“To ensure compliance with this request, should you insert more than one “must_be_before” tag this year, we’ll simply contact your host and arrange for the server hosting your site to be put into a low-earth orbit for the following 365 days.”

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