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Month: November 2015

The Alt Attribute

Use this tag properly, but use it. It belongs on every image on your site (sometimes it will be empty).

In the case of linking an image, the alt attribute acts as though you added anchor text on a page. Don’t stuff this though; we have seen this as part of penalty actions when that has been done.

Remember this is a tag for the blind. Treat it with respect.

Create Effective Website Content

Website design plays an important role in building trust with users. However, this doesn’t mean you focus only on the design and compromise on the content.

Informative, fresh and unique content is of great significance when it comes to attracting traffic to a website. Do invest sufficient time in creating great content.

Also, make sure to carefully consider the words you use, especially on your call-to-action buttons. According to ZippyCart.com, the words you use on call-to-action buttons impact your conversion rate greatly.

Moreover, using the word ‘free,’ when asking people to sign up for or download items, has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 4.2 percent.