• SEO Services | South Africa will protect the privacy of all our clients and at all times.
  • We will NEVER use any cloaking techniques (Cloaking is when you show different content to search Engines and Browsers)
    We will NEVER intentionally infringe on any trademark or brand name.
  • We will NEVER misrepresent the SEO Industry or any of the search engines to obtain top-ranking results for any of our clients.
  • We will NEVER use any automated optimisation tools to promote your website. All of our optimisation techniques and processes at SEO Services | South Africa is done manually.
  • We will NEVER charge clients for services that are of no value to our clients.
  • We will NEVER guarantee, either verbally or in writing first-page or first position results for any of our clients. It is impossible for any SEO Company to guarantee first-page positioning for the simple reason that no SEO firm controls the search engines, and because search engines constantly change and modify their search algorithms.
  • SEO Services | South Africa will NEVER make promises that cannot be delivered.
  • The SEO Services | South Africa Team promise to provide reliable information to all inquiries for information it gets.
    We treat all of our clients equally and fairly. We will NOT treat anybody differently.
  • SEO Services | South Africa always make the best efforts to provide the best quality, the most relevant search engine placements and the highest standards of SEO maintenance contracts on the Web.

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