Get the Call To Action right in your website

It’s a vital element of every newsletter and it’s responsible for driving most of the sales and clicks.

If your page is missing CTA, your click-thru rate and sales will suffer. Do not make any kind of commitment if you are not committed to stand by it. Provide an incentive for taking action like a free trial for a month, interesting tips or the ability to download a free version of a game or app.

Express your call to action with text (hyperlinked to a certain website) or an image (a button linking to website), to it:

  • Clear and concise
  • Concrete and specific (e.g. “register here” instead of “click here”)
  • Influential with trigger words (expressed by a command verb like “sign up”, “join”)
  • Easy to find in a contrasting colour, so it stands out against the background
  • Clickable
  • Design easy-to-tap touch screen buttons for precise navigation, with responsive design

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