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Category: Negative SEO

Bad INTERNET Reviews

Should you be worried about bad INTERNET reviews?

88% of consumers are influenced by on-line reviews. If you have negative ones showing up for branded/direct searches, kiss that customer goodbye.

In short, yes. Especially if your reviews are on a platform other than your website (e.g. Facebook or comparison websites). However, if you provide a good quality product or service then you should not have anything to worry about.

It is worth, however, thinking about a backup plan if you are faced with a bad review. If I ever have a complaint, I am far more likely to put it on social media because it is where more people are likely to see it. It is also most likely to prompt a response from the place I’m complaining to.

The best ways to deal with negativity:

1. Always apologize – Whether or not it is your fault, the customer is always right and if they’ve felt disgruntled enough to write a complaint, then it is worth defusing the bomb before it goes off.

2. Offer some sort of concession as an apology. A R100 off voucher, 25 percent their next order or simply a cheap freebie.

3. Learn from your mistakes. Sometimes a customer’s complaint is valid. They’ve had a bad experience and they feel ripped off. I imagine that is not the experience you wanted to create when you started your business.

Find out where it went wrong and implement a process to change it in future.

Negative SEO

Suppose your plumbing company in Cape Town invested heavily in SEO ranking boosters through a marketing firm or a search engine specialist. For a time, your traffic and revenue soared due to the uplift in rankings on Google.

Over this period, any individual who searched “Plumbing in Cape Town IL” or “Cape Town IL Plumber” found you first, before your competitors showed up.

Now, you’re still paying for the same marketing service and optimizing for the same keywords, but your firm isn’t showing up on searches until page three. What gives?

Your content still points customers in the right direction, your images are tagged, and your developer is elite and good at keeping your code clean, which Google likes. But your SEO has turned into a disaster, and sales are plummeting.

You fire your previously-trusted sidekick marketing firm, boot your industry expert developer, and start from scratch — investing more money into a sinkhole you aren’t prepared to handle.

Meanwhile, customers can’t find you and your competitors are rolling in revenue, which makes even your loyal customers wonder what they have that you don’t. And all the while, bills still need to be paid.

You still have to pay for the mileage and maintenance to travel to current customers’ homes and keep the stationed portion of your business afloat. A Web-related glitch is no longer a big deal; it could be a catastrophe.