We are in a competition for on-line visibility

With the vast majority of businesses now actively using content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy (some research puts this number as high as 94% for B2B small businesses), the competition for search engine rankings is fiercer than ever.

And because of this increase in competition, SEOs – both in-house and agencies – are being called on to get all this expensive content ranking well in search engines.

Despite the obvious rise in the popularity of content marketing, the 2014 Moz Industry Survey shows that a greater number of marketing professionals are being tasked with SEO (78%) than are responsible for content marketing (49%).

So to those who say that SEO is dead, I would say ‘not by a long shot’. The tasks and roles associated with SEO may have changed and SEO may be steadily integrating with content marketing, but I don’t see SEO going anywhere anytime soon.

We’ve seen many changes this year when it comes to SEO, but one thing is certain: despite the changes, businesses continue to experience its value in terms of building their reputation, increasing their visibility and getting traffic to their site.

What would you add to this list? What other SEO trends are dominating so far in 2014?

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