Google looks at your Website Technical Preparation

Google = Website Technical Preparation

These relate to on-page factors that are not directly linked to a page’s content, but do contribute to the search engine reading your site.

• Keywords are diminishing in importance. Google understands semantics and wants you to develop content that’s interesting to read, not crammed with repetitive keywords.

• The fundamentals such as highly optimized pages, meta descriptions and H tags are hugely important as they help make your pages skimmable and scannable.

• Loading times will have an impact.

• Domains with a high SEO visibility have higher rankings with their URLs (they have built a good reputation in the search engine).

The report is packed with excellent advice, especially the part about the diminishing role in of keywords as a ranking factor. Hopefully, that will mean we can kiss goodbye to those awful sites that cram every inch of their design with keywords.

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