Keyword Research Tools

People use different words when they search for on-line content. These search terms are called keywords.

Keyword research tools can help you discover topics that people are currently searching for that are related to your expertise.

  • Popular Keyword Research Tools:
    Wordtracker: generates keywords for search engine and website optimization.
  • Keyword Discovery: compiles keyword search stats from worldwide search engines.
  • Goodkeywords: downloadable freeware that queries a number of popular search engines to identify good keywords.
  • Google Alerts: email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of topic or keywords.
  • Google Suggest: as you type in a keyword, Google offers suggestions and shows the number of results.

Example: “Yoga” when entered into Google Suggest tells me that I should write articles about “Yoga Journals” or “Yoga Journaling”.

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