SEO Website Design leads to Business Success

One of the most demanding aspects of creating and developing a website is to implement SEO in your website design. SEO is gaining importance day by day for last 15 years. Therefore it is necessary to keep that in mind while designing the website.

A website must be designed by keeping in mind the two goals that are:

1) the site must be designed that wows the users and engage them

2) the site must be optimized according to the search engine algorithms. It is essential to maintain the right balance between both of the goals. In this article it is discussed about the tips which will help you make a SEO and a user friendly website.

Keep simple layout:

Keep the simple and clear layout but must be designed effectively. If you try to include lot of thing, then it will be good for search engines but at the same time it will discourage most of the visitors from browsing your website. You must ensure that the navigation links on your website are followed by search engines.

Make use of mouse over on images:

If your website needs both the text and the images, then you must use the mouse over option. This option will turn image heavy site into the site full of content. In the eyes of visitors, the text appears over the image and to the search engines crawlers, the text can easily be crawled and will be seen as a real content.

Manipulate text with CSS:

It is true that graphical text is more attractive than the plain text. But it is essential that search engines must crawl the content, therefore you must manipulate the text using CSS. It will not look attractive as graphical text, but it will be a great improvement.

Create a mobile friendly site:

Most of the people are using mobiles, smart-phones and other devices now a days for browsing the INTERNET. That is why it has become necessary to create and develop a mobile friendly site. Besides this you must test how it works on various devices, so that you can format it correctly.

Good design but more loading time:

Heavy design can slow down the loading speed of the website. If this happens, then it is the time to go back to the site and deduce the heavy images or optimize it. The things which can affect the loading speed are font downloads, SEO plugins, scripts and high resolution images.

Conversion is the king:

creating a well designed website gives you a lot of pride but the thing which matter is conversion. You must try different designs and see that which design brings you the best results. The sales number matters most, therefore create an effective site to raise the conversion rate.

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