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Disavow the backlinks

Running your SEO audit you find that there are many spammy sources linking back to your website, you’ll want to disavow these links. Disavowing is a process that lets Google know that you no longer want to be associated with those links, and if you don’t disavow the backlinks then your SEO will suffer because Google sees your site as associated with those spammy sites. You want to first try and get the websites to remove your backlinks on your own by talking with editors, but if you have no luck, disavowing is your best option.

Produce great website content

Many people have seen the benefit of having a healthy back-link profile, but many others have also experienced penalties or spent countless hours building links to no avail. While the importance of back-links has certainly dropped, a high-quality link is still powerful. The link itself should not be the goal.

If you post great content, the back-links will follow.