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Tag: Duplicate Content

Duplicate content will negatively impact your website

Most site owners and marketers are aware that posting duplicate content is frowned upon by Google and will eventually negatively impact the site’s rankings. The problem here is that many post duplicate content unintentionally. Most will be completely oblivious to this issue until after the damage has already been done.

These duplications can occur for a number of reasons including URL parameters, CMS templates, and secure HTTPS pages. There are a myriad of tools that can be used to detect these carbon copy ranking killers. Screaming Frog, Link Sleuth, and the Moz Crawl Test are all fantastic options for obtaining this information. Once the duplicates have been uncovered, owners must then tell search engines to not index certain pages through either Noindex, Nofollow, or rel=canonical tags.

Duplicate Content

It is widely known, that Google (and Bing) do not like repetition regarding the content of a website. Google rewards originality and fresh content. Thus, it is essential to diagnose if your competitors have duplicated content (and if your website does) or they lack of content. The best possible way to make this diagnosis, especially when you have an online shop, is the use of the Duplicate Content tool of Web SEO Analytics where you can make a comparison of 2 websites (of your competitors or your own) and see whether their content is repetitive/duplicated or not. In this way, it will be easier for you to design your own strategy by creating a website with fresh and original content.

With the completion of this analysis you will be able to find and eliminate your weaknesses and with the onsite SEO competitor analysis, you will manage to gradually strengthen your position within the market… The Duplicate Content tool is extremely useful for those of you who own Online Shops (e.g. electronics). Despite the fact that the technical specifications of a camera for example are specific and it’s difficult to find different words to describe the same features, according to Google it is encouraged to use fresh, unduplicated content. Thus, the Duplicate Content tool helps you in an automated way to minimize the hassle of finding out whether or not your website has duplicate content in relation to other pages.