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Off-Page Optimization Services

Optimize your web pages and server through effective use of content, keywords, internal links and images. As you create content for your website, remember to focus on the title as this plays a major role with respect to the overall page theme. In order to be assured of a better search engine ranking position, it is imperative to create a well defined title.

Search Engines like Google care more and more about showing search results that are relevant to the users. For this reason your website should have good, relevant content and be as user friendly as possible.

This is what On-Page Optimization is for. We can help you to make your website user friendly and eye-catching. We can also check your content for maximum Search Engine Optimization efficiency.

The On-Page Optimization that we offer includes the following:

  • Setting your server and configuration files for optimal performance
  • Enabling compression
  • Effective internal linking
  • Effective content creation (including keyword use)
  • A monthly Skype consultation with one of our SEO experts
  • For more information, see this On-Page Optimization blog post.

Off-Page Optimization Services

Off Page Optimization is all about increasing the popularity of your website and making it highly visible in your line of business apart from optimizing the site in search engines. You increase visibility through the exchanging of links with other websites or directories, which will give you a much needed competitive edge in web page ranking.

Search Engines like Google prefer to list websites that have a good reputation on the World Wide Web. This reputation is built and boosted (or possibly broken) by the number of people on the internet that are talking about you.

Off-Page Optimization looks at the current on-line reputation of your website and then helps you to fix the problems that are found.

The Off-Page Optimization that we offer you includes the following:

  • Listing your website on various Google, Yahoo and Bing pages and directories
  • Implementing 3 high-quality backlinks per month
  • A monthly Skype consultation with one of our SEO experts