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Get found on Google with Search Engine Optimization

In order for a website to be found on search engines your site and all of its pages and posts should be optimized and registered on search engines. This is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Intelligent search engine optimization is the first and most important step in any INTERNET marketing campaign. Careful manipulation of your site’s coding, structure and content can produce massive gains in your Google rankings and dramatic increases in high-quality, targeted visitors. This is one of the important aspects that affects your Organic Google position and can result in an influx of free traffic.

So Where do I start with Search Engine Optimization?

Crucial to SEO is the use of relevant and accurate keywords. This are the words or phrases that potential customers search for. If you don’t have good keywords on your site, you won’t be found.

Content Generation
Creating exciting, unique and attractive content brings users to your site. Search Engines recognize this and reward you by directing potential customers to your site.

Be Mobile Friendly
More than 50% of searches in South Africa are from mobile platforms and this number is set to increase sharply. Having landing pages and a site that is responsive is crucial in the pursuit of greater SEO.

Fast Load Time
The faster a site is, the less frustration it is likely to cause a user. Statistics indicate that 40% of desktop users are likely to leave a site if it takes more than 15 seconds to loads and this figure is higher for those on mobile platforms….see more.

Focus on SEO in your Website

Focus on SEO in your Website – When approaching website design with SEO in mind, you need to look at the bigger picture. Right from the degree of Flash you employ on your website to the HTML structure and code, the resultant design features can impact your website rankings significantly.

A SEO-friendly website will easily attract traffic. Whether you’re working on site architecture, content optimization, interlinking of pages, or getting links from other sites, make sure to incorporate the best SEO practices.

SEO Copywriting is the holy grail

In the world of SEO Copywriting, content is the sustentative cake and everything else just serves to make it that much more edible and delicious. To put it another way: high-quality, unique, well-written content is a good SEO’s holy grail.

Intelligent, authoritative, well-crafted content appeals to search engines, earns a site higher SEO ranking and helps a page increase its domain authority.

To create great content, good SEO’s focus on tightly written, concise, clear, keyword-focused pieces that can help a brand expand its customer base, answer client questions and cater to consumer needs.

When you use active voice, the subject does the action instead of being acted upon. That makes it powerful. Sentences that follow this structure are easier to understand, convey movement, and are naturally more interesting.

For example:

“We wrote our new ebook to help you work smarter, not harder.”
“The new ebook written by our company can help you work smarter instead of harder.”

See how the first sentence is not only shorter, but easier to follow?

Active voice sentences can also begin with a verb, as in a command. For example:

Learn how to market your business smarter, not harder, with our new ebook.

Which of these example sentences you use depends on whether you want to emphasize the new ebook or what your audience will learn with it. But either option is exponentially better than long, convoluted sentences that bury the subject and verb.

Readers on-line don’t read word for word. Instead, they scan to find what they’re looking for faster. Making your copy and content easy to skim gives them what they want, keeps their attention longer, and is easier for everyone to read.

Use a variety of formatting techniques that break up the text and draw the reader’s eye down the page. Some of the best ways to make web copy skimmable are:

  • Use several headings and subheadings
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists
  • Format text with bold, italic, underlining, or color
  • Include images, video, and other media and captions for each
  • Write single-line paragraphs
  • Vary sentence and paragraph length

My IT Department Can Not Handle my SEO

A lot of businesses tend to leave the SEO aspect of their website up to their IT department or web designers. The common misconception is that because it’s technical, IT can handle it. But your website’s SEO should not be left solely in the hands of IT. Just because IT is involved in certain aspects of SEO, i.e. making sure your website is easily crawled by the search engines, using redirects properly and setting up XML sitemap files, that does not mean they know SEO and how to do it well. You need the expertise and guidance of an Internet Marketing professional who knows there’s more to SEO than keywords and links – it’s about creating high-quality content that resonates well your audience and optimizing it for people with appropriate keywords, tagging, meta title and descriptions. Think about it: if your content is easily found by humans online, how much more so is it easy for the search engines to crawl your site and come to the conclusion that your content is relevant as well.

SEO Isn’t Voodoo

Remember a few years back when SEO was considered “voodoo” or “black magic” by anyone who didn’t understand it?

Really, SEO is based on the rules of a mathematical algorithm. This means the site meets or doesn’t, certain points on a mathematical scorecard and your site is then adjusted accordingly.

Though we haven’t been given these rules by the search engines, we can test against the algorithm and do things we know work because a + b = c. Math is predictable, testable, and somewhat verifiable.

So yes, even though Google does still suggest that SEO is… well, um, “bovine feces” – it really isn’t. As long as you’re doing it right.

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