Take Some Time to Plan eCommerce Website

During all those conversations I’ve had with ecommerce site owners, another issue also typically comes to light: lack of planning. There are some that take the necessary steps to research keywords, outline a logical navigation structure and determine a sales flow from site entry to the buy now button. Kudos to you!

I’ve said it a hundred times before: Planning isn’t sexy, but the results it brings are! If good SEO and high conversions are two of your priorities, you’ll want to take time to look over:

  • Keywords that cater to every phase of the buying process;
  • Logical site navigation that intuitively leads shoppers to where they need to be;
  • Cross-sells and upsells that flow effortlessly with the products your visitors are looking for;
  • Copy that unquestionably lets customers know why they should buy from you and not the 1,000 other sites selling the same things;
  • Elements that lend to your site’s trust and credibility and help shoppers to feel confident buying from you.

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