Track, Test, and Adjust Your On-line Ads

This lies at the very heart of almost all marketing efforts. Without tracking, testing, and establishing ways to improve your efforts, your campaigns will never reach their peak potential. If you really want your SEM campaign to deliver a serious ROI, it is crucial to test how effective your ads are.

Paid search is a fantastic avenue for continuously trying new approaches. Its rapid response structure allows for a plethora of useful data to be gathered in a short amount of time. With PPC it is possible to analyze thousands of clicks and millions of impressions in just a few days, so testing should always be taking place. You could upload your ads, allow them to run for a few days, pull the results and upload your improvements later that day.

Test keywords, copy, landing pages, CTA’s and all other elements. A/B test to see which ads are producing a higher click through rate and the most conversions. If all of this feels a bit overwhelming to you, some of the most important metrics to track are:

  • Search engine ranking;
  • Sales, traffic, and conversions from each search platform;
  • Conversions driven by various keywords, landing pages, and categories.

SEM is a challenging field to maneuver. But if you know the basics as well as the direction that the market and consumers are heading, you can gain a significant boost in sales, traffic, and SERP ranking. This is just the foundation, however, and SEM goes much deeper. Just like any other practice, the more you learn about it, the better you will get. Take advantage of the myriad of on-line resources and get yourself some hands on experience; no amount of reading can compare to actually getting your hands dirty.

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